Testimonials / 學生的聲音

  • My name is Saijai Chaiyawoot, 31 years old, from Thailand. Now I’m studying at Nihongo Center. I really enjoy studying here because I got many international friends. The atmosphere of class so fun and teaching styles from institutors are so easy to understand. It has been three months so far I’m studying here, I really improved about reading, the writing and for sure conversation in daily life. Now I don’t need to be shy anymore to talk with store’ s clerks when I want to buy something from the convenient store.

    Saijai, Thai
  • Hello, my name is Muftazar and I am from Indonesia. I have been in Japan for about 8 months. I just passed the JLPT N3 and I felt I did well. I really feel I progressed since I started, especially on conversational skills. Teachers always prepare theme’s discussion, and they guide us while discussing. There are so many discussion, essay and “Kanji” test that make us progress.

    Muftazar, Indonesian

Posts by admission

  • Daimonji & Nanzenji (November 2nd,2018)

    On November 2nd, 2018, we went on the annual hiking event to Mt.Daimonji, which is located in the north-east of Kyoto. At first it was cloudy, but the weather got better and better as we went up to the summit. We had lunch on the top of the mountain seeing the beautiful scenery of whole city of Kyoto. Also, many students had opportunities to get to know people in the different classes and also people from same country but never met before, which was really nice. The hiking was quite tiring but everybody seemed to have fun! After all, it was a great excursion and everyone is looking forward to […]

  • Japanese food Part.1

    When it comes to Japanese food, it’s hard to not mention Ramen. That’s the topic today, to introduce three ramen restaurants that are around the Nihongo Center. 1. River Ramen, it has the most balanced flavor among three restaurants. It’s not too salty. With the white Miso makes the soup a little be creamy texture but not too thick, and by dipping all the toppings it can also change the flavor of the soup. Really recommended. 2. Inoichi Ramen has the lightest soup. You can taste the original flavor of other toppings. Add some lemon zest or white Konbu in it, make the soup a more refreshing flavor or add […]

  • Special Campaign for April 2019

    Nihongo Center is starting a special campaign for student applying for a student visa for 6 months or 1 year to study from April 2019.   If you apply for a 6-months program, you will get a 27,000 yens discount on the tuition fee and 54,000 yens for a 1-year program.   Be sure to contact us if you want additional information via our “Inquiry form”.   We are looking forward to meeting you next year.      

  • Gion Matsuri

    This weekend 14th, 15th, 16th, will be held the famous Gion Matsuri event (Yoiyama). The school will take part of this event during the 15th with a lot of students.


Deadline / 期限

Deadline for April 2019 student visa application2018-12-01
10 days to go.

October 2018 application.

It is no longer possible to apply for a student visa for October 2018. However, you can still apply for 20 weeks or 1 year until August 24th if you are holding any other visa which allows you to stay in Japan.

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