We’re very flexible. You can choose how long you want to study at Nihongo Center and we will handle all the visa paperwork with the Japanese government in order for you to come to Japan.

10 – 20 weeks (non-student visa)

The Short-Term Course is designed for those who wish to improve their conversation skills for daily life in Japan, for their job, or whatever other reason they may have. We offer classes to fit the students’ wants and needs, with 4 levels from beginner to advanced. The number of lesson hours per week allows for optimal learning without being overwhelming. Those wishing to come to Japan on a short-term 90 day visa should consider this Japanese course.


  • Fall 2018: October 15 – December 22 (Beginners Ok)
  • Winter 2019: January 11 – March 19 (Only for people with JLPT N5 level)
  • Spring 2019: April 15 – June 21 (Beginners Ok)
  • Summer 2019: June 24 – September 20 (Only for people with JLPT N5 level)

6 months / 1 – 2 years (student visa)

The Intensive Course is for those who wish to thoroughly study Japanese for a year or longer, and is particularly suited for those wishing to improve their language skills, continue their education in Japan, or find a job that makes use of their Japanese language skills. Classes are divided into 4 levels, with curriculum designed to each student’s ability. In particular, the course focuses on developing the student’s verbal communication skills, while helping to develop reading, writing, and listening as well. Guidance is also provided for those wishing to take the Japanese Language Proficiency Test, enter university or find work in Japan.


  • Spring 2019: April 15 – September 20
  • Fall 2019: October 14 – March 17
  • Spring 2020: April 17 – September 21

Class time

In 1 week we have 20 units (1 unit is 45 min. long).

Introductory and Beginner level:

  • 1:15 pm to 4:45 pm (5 times a week)

Intermediate and Advanced level:

  • 9:00 am to 12:30 pm (5 times a week)