Interview: Gabriella Miranda

Gabriella Miranda
How long have you been living in Japan?

I lived in Japan for a year and 9 months. (From October 2011-June 2013)

Why did you decide to come to Japan?

To improve my speaking, and to pass the JLPT.

How long did you study Japanese before coming to Japan?

On my own I studied hiragana and katakana, as well as basic greetings.

What was your Japanese level before coming to Japan?

Pretty much nothing.

What were your thoughts when taking the JLPT?

I was glad there were many questions like we had practiced in class.

How did you feel after passing the JLPT?

I thought, “No way!” I was so surprised. (^▽^)

What efforts did you make in order to pass the JLPT?

I tried my hardest in class, speaking and listening. Studying every day is very important.

What aspect of classes at Nihongo Center were useful for passing the JLPT?

Listening practice was really helpful! It made the JLPT much easier. And the JLPT practice in class was helpful too.

Do you have a message for the teachers at Nihongo Center?

I want to say thank you so much to all of my teachers! It was because of you that I could pass. I really enjoyed my time here! I will definitely come back to Japan so let's meet again! (^▽^)

Do you have a message for those who are thinking about studying Japanese?

Please come to Japan. You can learn much more quickly and enjoy learning.

What are your future plans? (Japanese study, JLPT, work, etc.)

I plan to study at university but I'm still deciding my major. For my Japanese, I want to make friends with Japanese people and other Japanese speaker's at a language cafe in Göteborg, Sweden.