When it comes to Japanese food, it’s hard to not mention Ramen. That’s the topic today, to introduce three ramen restaurants that are around the Nihongo Center.

1. River Ramen, it has the most balanced flavor among three restaurants. It’s not too salty. With the white Miso makes the soup a little be creamy texture but not too thick, and by dipping all the toppings it can also change the flavor of the soup. Really recommended.

2. Inoichi Ramen has the lightest soup. You can taste the original flavor of other toppings. Add some lemon zest or white Konbu in it, make the soup a more refreshing flavor or add some different texture.

3. Wajoryomen Sugari is famous for its toppings – edible organ from the ox. By seasoning and roasting, make the organ really tender, not too chewy and easy for anyone to swallow. And of course, has the most creamy soup to balance the strong flavor.