Study in Japan

Our students say that studying Japanese in Japan is a wonderful experience. After just a few lessons you begin to understand what people around you in everyday life are saying. Slowly you pick up the Kanji and suddenly texts with previously unreadable signs start to make sense.

Practical experience

You can immediately test your newly acquired knowledge by talking to friends or teachers, therefore gaining confidence in speaking Japanese. This constant practical experience will turn you into a fluent Japanese speaker very soon. Additionally, students acquire a part-time job after coming to Japan in order to finance their living expenses and to improve their Japanese in a professional work environment.


Students who need additional money for their daily life usually find a part-time job within their first months in Japan. Using a student visa you are allowed to work 28 hours per week. It is therefore absolutely possible to become independent in a very short time.

For everyone

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner starting with zero knowledge or if you are advanced and have already studied the language. As an international language school we have Japanese courses for everyone. Join us now to study Japanese in Japan!


We will handle all the necessities that are required for you to be able to live and study in Japan during your course period. Once you apply at our school you will receive the Certificate of Eligibility which allows you to obtain a student visa. A visa is required to stay in Japan.