Because of the spreading of the Corona Virus in Japan, a lots of events have been cancelled  and we are now in the most dangerous period. It is then an important thing to prevent infection. We ask students in Japan to follow the following recommendations.


1- Was you hands, gargle, and put some hand sanitizer and rub it in well.

2- Please wear a flu mask if possible.

3- Please refrain to participate in events that many people gather.

4 – Please avoid going to crowded places.

5- Please don’t travel to countries which has a lot of infected people by corona virus (China, South Korea, etc…). There is a risk that you are refused to enter the country and you will be isolated for 2 weeks. The school will also isolate such students at home for 2 weeks which mean you cannot study at school during that time.

6- We suggest you to refrain travelling in Japan by airplane of shinkansen (long-distance trip). There is a risk of being infected in public transport.

We suggest to those who are planning to go back to their country during the Spring holiday to not go, as you might not be able to come back to Japan. Please do not buy your flight ticket immediately and see the situation for the time being.

The virus is invisible and we could be infected anytime and anywhere

Please be careful until this situation is over.