Experience the Japanese culture

“I want to do more than just study…” If you’re looking for something more than hitting the textbooks every day, then Nihongo Center is for you. With our Discover Kyoto Program, you have the chance to explore the rich history and traditional culture still present in Kyoto today, as well as having the opportunity to interact with Japanese student volunteers.

What’s the Discover Kyoto Program?

The Discover Kyoto Program (DKP) is a “tour experience” program started at Nihongo Center in 2011. From visiting famous places to trying out different aspects of Japanese culture, the DKP gives you a unique opportunity to expand on your cultural experiences in Japan. There are eight events scheduled throughout the year, on weekends and holidays. Students can choose which events they are interested in, and simply pay the fee to participate.

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Exemple of schedule for 1 year

1/ January

“Taiko & Onsen”

2/ February

“Ski & Onsen”

3/ March

“Farewell Party”

4/ April

“Cherry Blossom”

5/ May


6/ June


7/ July

“BBQ at Biwako”

8/ August

“Mount Fuji”

9/ September

“Farewell Party”

10/ October

“Sport Event”

11/ November

“Fall leaves”

12/ December

“Winter Holidays”