Japanese Language School in Kyoto: Nihongo Center

Japanese Language School

Nihongo Center is a Japanese school located in the heart of Kyoto. With over 39 years of experience teaching the Japanese language, we have established ourselves with our unique teaching methods as well as the talent and ability of our experienced instructors.

We have a very diverse student population at our school, with a good majority of students from western countries. Our JLPT-based curriculum helps ensure a high pass-rate for any level of the test. In addition, we help students grow and develop their self-expression and communication skills through project work, class discussions, etc.

Because of our rich and varied curriculum, many of our Japanese language students have been able to pass the entrance exams needed to continue on to universities throughout Japan without any worries about language barriers.

Kyoto, Japan


Studying Japanese in Kyoto will give you the ability to see the numerous sightseeing spots of what was once the capital of Japan for over a thousand years. Kyoto has a very rich history and is known for its beautifully designed temples and shrines. The balance of studying Japanese in the morning and enjoying the city life in the afternoon makes Kyoto one of the most attractive locations for students in Japan. There are lots of universities and other educational institutions where you can continue to utilize your Japanese language skills.

Life in Kyoto...