The course price depends on how long you want to study Japanese at Nihongo Center:

10 Weeks Program

Registration fee¥27,500
Tuition fee¥220,000
Material fee¥33,000
* Tax is included.

6 Months Program with student visa

※Screening fee¥44,000
Registration fee¥55,000
Tuition fee¥473,000
Material fee¥33,000
* Tax is included.

1 Year Program with student visa

※ Screening fee¥44,000
Registration fee¥55,000
Tuition fee¥726,000
Material fee¥66,000
* Tax is included.

※ Regarding the screening fee (44,000 yen)

The applicant is first required to apply for a Certificate of Eligibility (CoE) at the Immigration Bureau of Japan to be able to study in Japan. Only after the CoE has been issued, is the student allowed to apply for a student visa either at the Japanese Embassy or the Japanese Consulate in his/her country.

The student submit all the required documents first to the Japanese language school, and the latter submit all the documents to the Immigration Bureau of Japan. At that time, it is mandatory to pay for the screening fee. This fee is related to the Japanese language school preparing the Japanese application forms, checking the documents and translating everything into Japanese. It is then mandatory to pay the screening fee as soon as the student has sent all the requried documents to the Japanese language school, before the application deadline.

NB 1: The school will immediatly contact the applicant when the immigration has announced the result of the application, and if the applicant has been granted the CoE. All the remaining fee (registration fee, school fee, material) fee should be transfered and when the school has confirmed they payment, it will send the original of the CoE via DHL or any other services to the applicant.

NB 2: Even in the case the CoE hasn’t been granted by the Immigration Bureau of Japan to the applicant, there won’t be any refund of the screening fee.

* You can find the refund policy by clicking HERE