At Nihongo Center, you will be able to progress through different levels based on the JLPT exam. Your first class will be determined by a placement test held before the start of the first semester.

Students learn the Japanese sentence structure and vocabulary necessary for acquiring basic conversational skills. Students are also taught to read and write about basic, familiar topics. At the completion of this course, students will be at approximately level N5 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test

This course focuses on improving practical daily conversational skills, including honorific expressions. In addition, readings and writings focus on topics related to Japanese culture to help deepen the students’ interest and understanding. Japanese ability should be comparable to level N4 of the JLPT at the completion of this course.

In this course, students learn to distinguish various levels of formality, honorifics, and gender-specific speech, while continuing to build their conversational ability in a number of situations. Students read novels, newspapers, and magazines, and learn to express their opinions through high-level writing. Japanese level will be comparable to level N3 or N2 of the JLPT at the end of this course.

This course helps students attain fluency in communication and the skills needed to exchange thoughts, opinions, and information freely. Students read and write about novels, current events, and other technical topics, as well as build their ability to discuss and debate. Japanese level should be comparable to level N1 of the JLPT at the completion of this course.