JSUS (Japanese Supports for Ukrainian Students), are a group of like-minded Japanese language schools working with NGOs since March 2022 to provide free Japanese language education to displaced Ukrainian citizens who have fled to Japan.

To know more about this organization and how they can help you if you have fled Ukraine or are ready to leave Ukraine to study in Japan, feel free to click here.

Nihongo Center is part of the founding schools from the start and we are helping students to find, and to contact, a school to make the coming process easier after you applied for the JSUS program.

We have already welcomed 3 Ukranian students who started to study Japanese with us from April/May 2022. As it is the case in all schools part of the JSUS program, they are allowed to study Japanese for free for 2 years.

Picture taken from The Kyoto Shimbun from May 30th, 2022.

The city of Kyoto also helped them in many ways, financially and for accommodations and they are now enjoying their new life here in Kyoto. They also had the chance to meet the Major of Kyoto to talk about the difficulties they have encountered and how they can work together to make it easier for the future students.