Whatever you wish to do in the future, Nihongo Center can guide you to your goal:

Higher Education

There are many students who decide to continue their education after graduating from Nihongo Center.


Studying at a Japanese Language School will give you the opportunity to enter a university in Japan. Since this is a very common case you can find the requirements for entering a university below.

Bachelor degree

The requirements for obtaining a bachelor degree differ depending on whether you go to a public or private university.

Public universities

  • EJU exam, TOEIC exam
  • Application (January for entrance in April, July for entrance in October)
  • Entrance exam (interview, university specific exam)
  • Important: An EJU score of at least 250 / 400 is required as well as basic academic skills (English, mathematics, science…).

Private universities

Here it usually depends on the university type and your chosen major.

Universities where EJU is required An interview is required.

Universities where EJU is not required A Japanese exam and an interview are required.

Global 30 universities An entrance exam (in English) is required.

Application Apply until January for entrance in April or apply until July for entrance in October.

Important: Essential Japanese language abilities as well as English language abilities.

Master degree

In case you choose the same major you had during your Bachelor studies you can directly take the entrance exam.

In case you choose a different major you need to:

  • Enter as a research student (you will need an interview with a professor before deciding your entrance period).
  • Take the entrance exam the next year.

Important: JLPT N1, English abilities and knowledge about the chosen major.

Vocational school

You can also choose to enter a vocational school in Japan. The requirements are as follows:

  1. JLPT (at least N2)
  2. School application
  3. Exam