Testimonials / 學生的聲音

  • Hi, my name is Quentin and I am from New Caledonia. I have been in Japan for almost 2 years now, and I will be graduating from Nihongo Center in September. This school really helped me improve my Japanese and the teachers are great. When I started, I just knew “kanas” and a few “Kanji” but I took the N2 test last week and hopefully I will pass. What is great about Nihongo Center are definitely the students from around the world that you can meet and enjoy the Kyoto life with!

    Quentin, French
  • Hello, my name is Dinesh. Because I love Japan, I entered Nihongo Center in October 2017. When I arrived at Nihongo Center, I was the only Sri Lanka new student and, because I couldn’t speak English very well, I was worried about making new friends and simply living in Japan. But I decided to change my seat in class every week, and now I am very happy because I have friend from all over the world. I also really like the teaching method of all the teachers. They are teaching with passion. We are not only doing test regularly, but we are also practicing conversation a lot, and we really feel it in our progress. l. It’s been 8 months I am studying Japanese and I am very happy we started the N3 level.

    Dinesh, Sri Lanka


  • Online information session for foreigners living in Japan

      Greetings everyone! If you are currently living in Japan and if you are looking for a Japanese language school starting in April 2021, we are hosting an online information session on February 27th, 2021.   There will be 2 session that day. One from 11.00 am to 12.00pm and the other one from 13.00 pm to 14.00 pm. We will present you the school and its specificities, the different program and the starting date. If you are interested, feel free to fill in the following form. We will then contact you by email to give you the detail to access the session. Online information application form  

  • Notice regarding the Corona virus (for students in Japan)

    Because of the spreading of the Corona Virus in Japan, a lots of events have been cancelled  and we are now in the most dangerous period. It is then an important thing to prevent infection. We ask students in Japan to follow the following recommendations.   1- Was you hands, gargle, and put some hand sanitizer and rub it in well. 2- Please wear a flu mask if possible. 3- Please refrain to participate in events that many people gather. 4 – Please avoid going to crowded places. 5- Please don’t travel to countries which has a lot of infected people by corona virus (China, South Korea, etc…). There is […]

  • Summer Fireworks

    Summer Fireworks is a tradition in Japan. Most of them are held during the summer as a tribute to dead people. There is almost one every day around the “Obon” Festival in August. The “Obon” festival is held to honor the spirits of ancestors. It is said that ancestors spirits come back to visit their family and the last day of the festival they go back to the other world. It’s always beautiful and it’s a good chance to go see some of them with other classmates.

  • Daimonji & Nanzenji (November 2nd,2018)

    On November 2nd, 2018, we went on the annual hiking event to Mt.Daimonji, which is located in the north-east of Kyoto. At first it was cloudy, but the weather got better and better as we went up to the summit. We had lunch on the top of the mountain seeing the beautiful scenery of whole city of Kyoto. Also, many students had opportunities to get to know people in the different classes and also people from same country but never met before, which was really nice. The hiking was quite tiring but everybody seemed to have fun! After all, it was a great excursion and everyone is looking forward to […]

  • Japanese food Part.1

  • Gion Matsuri


April 2022 application

※ The application for October 2021 is now over. We are now starting the application for April 2022 and the deadline is set to December 1st, 2021.


Deadline / 期限

April 20222021-12-01
4 months to go.

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