Testimonials / 學生的聲音

  • I have been in Japan since last year April. When I started, I knew very little Kanji. I could speak conversational Japanese but constructing my own sentences was difficult for me. Writing essays, doing class presentations and speaking Japanese in class helped me a lot compared to just be studying on my own. What I like about the Nihongo Center is that it has various events that let you immerse yourself in Japanese culture. The teachers are also supportive and assist students well in their studies and to adjust to life in Japan.

    Arielle, Filipino
  • Hi, my name is Quentin and I am from New Caledonia. I have been in Japan for almost 2 years now, and I will be graduating from Nihongo Center in September. This school really helped me improve my Japanese and the teachers are great. When I started, I just knew “kanas” and a few “Kanji” but I took the N2 test last week and hopefully I will pass. What is great about Nihongo Center are definitely the students from around the world that you can meet and enjoy the Kyoto life with!

    Quentin, French


  • New videos for beginners

    The video 2,3 and 4 of our unique teaching method for complete beginners are out! Be sure to check everything

  • News – Video of beginners classes

    Nihongo Center renewal Youtube Channel. We will upload videos on Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday. You can watch lessons, events, Students vlog from here. We hope this channel is useful for all Japanese language learners and Japanese teachers. Feel free to stop by. Please subscribe and enjoy learning Japanese.

  • Official New Guidelines for April 2020 CoE application (By the Immigration Bureau of Japan)

    Every semester, the Immigration Bureau of Japan delivers new guidelines regarding the Certificate of Eligibility application. This time, big changes! First, the immigration bureau separated all the Japanese language schools in 2 categories. The schools “approved” by the immigration bureau as “Proper” schools (schools where students have no problem with the Japanese government (criminal record, illegal work or stay, etc…) and the other schools. For non-approved schools, the nationality doesn’t count and all applicants need to provide every single document (15 in total). But for schools like Nihongo Center, it depends on the nationality and you can find the full details on this page!

  • Summer Fireworks

    Summer Fireworks is a tradition in Japan. Most of them are held during the summer as a tribute to dead people. There is almost one every day around the “Obon” Festival in August. The “Obon” festival is held to honor the spirits of ancestors. It is said that ancestors spirits come back to visit their family and the last day of the festival they go back to the other world. It’s always beautiful and it’s a good chance to go see some of them with other classmates.

  • Mount Fuji 2019

  • BBQ at Lake Biwa 2019

  • Gion Festival 2019

  • Rafting on Hozu River

  • Ski Tour 2019

  • Daimonji & Nanzenji (November 2nd,2018)


April and October 2020

The student visa application for April 2020 is now over. However, you can still apply for any program if you are holding any visa that allows you to go and stay in Japan (short-stay visa, working holiday visa, spouse visa, etc...)

※ UPDATE: Application for the student visa for October 2020 is now open!!!


Deadline / 期限

Application for April 20202020-02-27
6 days to go.

Deadline / 期限

October 2020: Student visa2020-05-31
3 months to go.

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.