• Mount Fuji hiking 2023

    From August 1st to 3rd, about 30 students with teachers headed from Kyoto to the Mount Fuji. Departure on August 1st night by bus to arrive at the 5th station around 9.00 am. After preparing hiking stuff and eating, they started their ascenssion around 10.30 am. Several hours later, they finally arrived at the 8th station to eat and rest for a while. When midnight strikes, it is time to go again until the last station and to get a view from the top with the sunrise. After going back to the bus, everyone is heading to a Onsen with all you can eat buffet for some rest. This event […]

  • July 29th, BBQ at Biwako

    After 4 years, it was finally time to return to Biwako and enjoy our annual BBQ. On July 29th, Nihongo Center staffs and and lot of students (55 people in total), enjoyed the first biwako BBQ since 2019. With a perfect weather (a little bit too hot) and energic students, it was the perfect day to start the summer holidays. Students seem to have enjoyed the day eating, playing games and swimming in a warm water.