Testimonials / 學生的聲音

  • Hello, my name is Dinesh. Because I love Japan, I entered Nihongo Center in October 2017. When I arrived at Nihongo Center, I was the only Sri Lanka new student and, because I couldn’t speak English very well, I was worried about making new friends and simply living in Japan. But I decided to change my seat in class every week, and now I am very happy because I have friend from all over the world. I also really like the teaching method of all the teachers. They are teaching with passion. We are not only doing test regularly, but we are also practicing conversation a lot, and we really feel it in our progress. l. It’s been 8 months I am studying Japanese and I am very happy we started the N3 level.

    Dinesh, Sri Lanka
  • I have been in Japan since last year April. When I started, I knew very little Kanji. I could speak conversational Japanese but constructing my own sentences was difficult for me. Writing essays, doing class presentations and speaking Japanese in class helped me a lot compared to just be studying on my own. What I like about the Nihongo Center is that it has various events that let you immerse yourself in Japanese culture. The teachers are also supportive and assist students well in their studies and to adjust to life in Japan.

    Arielle, Filipino


  • Online information session for foreigners living in Japan

      Greetings everyone! If you are currently living in Japan and if you are looking for a Japanese language school starting in April 2021, we are hosting an online information session on February 27th, 2021.   There will be 2 session that day. One from 11.00 am to 12.00pm and the other one from 13.00 pm to 14.00 pm. We will present you the school and its specificities, the different program and the starting date. If you are interested, feel free to fill in the following form. We will then contact you by email to give you the detail to access the session. Online information application form  

  • KELAS ONLINE Oktober 2020!

    Hello everyone. Nihongo Center is launching its first Online course for October 2020. This program is meant exclusively for complete beginners and will focus on the content until the N5 of the JLPT. We also have a survey regarding the online course and it would be greatly appreciated if you could share your thoughts about it.

  • Gion Festival 2019

    Festival Gion adalah salah satu festival terkenal di seluruh Jepang yang diadakan pada bulan Juli. Setiap tahunnya ribuan orang Jepang dan wisatawan berdatangan untuk menikmati festival tradisional ini di Kyoto selama beberapa hari. Festival Gion berusia sekitar 1000 tahun lebih. Ini adalah salah satu festival terbesar di Jepang selain Aoi Matsuri dan Jidai Matsuri. Lokasi utamanya berdekatan dengan sekolah, maka setiap tahunnya kami pergi bersama para siswa yang mengenakan “Yukata” untuk bersenang-senang dan menikmati festival tradisional Jepang. Acaranya sangat ramai dan dihiasi dengan berbagai food stall yang dapat dinikmati hanya pada malam hari. Festival ini berlangsung selama 1 bulan, namun inti dari festival ini hanya berlangsung selama 4 hari dan […]

  • Rafting di Arashiyama

    Tahun ini kami melakukan kegiatan Rafting di sungai Hozu, dekat dengan Arashiyama dan Kameoka. Meski cuaca kurang baik dan airnya masih dingin, kami tetap bisa seru-seruan rafting.  

  • Teramachi

  • Ramen

  • Promo Spesial untuk April 2019

  • Gion Matsuri


April 2021 & October 2021

※Student visa application for April 2021 is now over!

※ The application for October 2021 with a student visa will start on January 6th, 2021, and the deadline is schedulded for June 1st, 2021


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