Required documents to apply

Since the required documents vary depending on courses and the applicant nationality, the Nihongo Center school application forms will be attached in the first contact email.

For 10 weeks or 20-weeks regular courses:

These courses do not require to apply for a student visa for most of the countries. However, some students will need an invitation letter to apply for a 90-days short-stay visa to the embassy of Japan in their country.
Countries that are part of the bilateral agreements with Japan do not require any visa before entering in Japan and will receive a 90 days’ tourism visa at their landing. For more information, please contact us.

The necessary documents for 10/20 weeks programs are:

1-year intensive programs:

This course requires applying for a Certificate of Eligibility, which is issued by the immigration bureau of Japan. Students can receive a 6 months visa in the shortest. 


Important: All documents will be sent to the immigration so be sure to fill in everything clearly via computer (don’t forget the date). Only the sign is required to be handwritten.

Here you can find the detail of the documents needed by the school wherever you come from.

List of documents required for a student visa application by countries (1) or (2)

Here you can find the detail of the documents required by the immigration bureau of Japan. You have a full list of the (1) countries below. If you are from another country than listed in the (1) category, you need to provide the documents listed in the (2) column. If you are not sure, feel free to ask us at

1Curriculum Vitae
2Last Diploma + Transcript    (Updated Oct.2021) 
3Proof of any Japanese Language Test (at least N5 or equivalent)※ 
4Letter of paying expenses 
5Bank statement 
6Copy of bankbook for the past year (Updated Oct.2021) 
7Birth Certificate 
8Certification of scholarship (if any) 
9Family Register 

※ Compulsory for those who have only finished high school.
▲In case 5 years have passed since the last education institution, the curriculum vitae with a part dedicated to the reason for studying the Japanese language must be submitted.

List of countries of the category (1)

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Finally, communication is necessary for us to provide optimum service. If by any mean, you decide to cancel or to change the period you want to enroll, please let us know about it as soon as possible