Required documents to apply

Since the required documents vary depending on courses, all the Nihongo Center school application forms will be attached in the first mail we will send after you select a course.

For 10 weeks or 20 weeks regular courses:

These courses do not require to apply for a student visa for most of the countries. However, some students will need an invitation letter to apply for a 90 days short stay visa to the embassy of Japan in their country.
Countries which are part of the bilateral agreements with Japan do not require any visa before entering in Japan and will receive a 90 days’ tourism visa at their landing. For more information, please contact us.

The necessary documents for 10/20 weeks programs are:

1-year intensive programs:

This course requires to applying for a Certificate of Eligibility, which is issued by the immigration bureau of Japan. Students can receive a 1-year length visa at the shortest. 


Here again, your nationality will determine what documents are required to apply for a student visa, but there are at least 10 documents that are necessary wherever you come from.

Important: All documents will be sent to the immigration so be sure to fill in everything clearly via computer (don’t forget the date). Only the sign is required to be hand written.


1 – Application for admission (Application_for_Admission_english): This document is very important for us to receive your basics information. Please be sure to fill in everything and contact us if you are not sure about any part.

2 – A Curriculum Vitae (Curriculum_Vitae): If you graduated from high school or university over 5 years ago, when you apply for the student visa, your CV will be sent to the immigration with the rest of your documents. That is why it is really important to correctly answer the 3 questions asked in the “Reason for study” section. Furthermore, it is required to write it either in English or to provide a translation of the “Reason for study” section. Please don’t send any personal CV and use only the form sent by the school.

3 – Passport Copy: The passport copy will be sent to the immigration so please be sure to send us a good quality one. Every character must be visible. If the immigration cannot read your name or any other information they will ask you to send a new one.

4 – Face photo: The photo will be used for your Certificate of Eligibility, so be sure to send us a high-quality photo taken within the last 3 months before your application. Also, it must be an official photo so the background should be uni-colored. Please DO NOT send us selfies.

5 – Diploma: Please send us a copy of your last diploma. You can send it in your mother tongue, however, be sure to attach a copy in English.

6 – Pledge (Pledge): The “Pledge” needs to be signed by yourself to attest that you will follow the rules of Nihongo Center and Japan.

7 – Letter of Paying expenses (05-Letter of Guarantee): These documents are necessary to have information about your financial guarantor. The financial guarantor doesn’t have to be Japanese. In fact, it MUST be a relative or yourself. Fiance, friends or Japanese friends cannot become your financial guarantor. Furthermore, remember that this document is asked to be sure you have (or will receive) enough resources to pay the school fee, as well as living expenses in Japan during your studies. It’s better to write the relative with the highest annual income.

All the following documents should be provided by the financial guarantor.

You can be your own guarantor however the required resources will be more because you will be unable to earn money when you first arrive in Japan. For self guarantor, the immigration asks for a little more than 2,000,000 yens for 1 year (all expenses included).

8 – Proof of employment: This document must be submitted by your employer or by the employer of your financial guarantor. Generally, it specifies the information about the guarantor as follows:

  • The name of the employee
  • The start date of the employment
  • His/Her annual income

9 – Proof of annual income: There are different ways to submit this information. As mentioned before you can get it when you ask for a proof of employment of your guarantor. The second way is to send us a tax return form where the annual income is usually mentioned.

10 – Bank statement: This document is the most important one if you decide to be your own guarantor since the immigration will use it to determinate if you have enough resources to live or not. This document is submitted to the immigration in most of the cases. Here again, there might be alternatives of the document, but the name of the owner of the account, and the amount must be written. Since it must be the most recent one, we always ask the bank statement at least one month before the application deadline (May or November).

NB: Some countries will need more documents and we will give you the details after you completed the first documents.

IMPORTANT: We will definitely contact you, but in rare cases our messages are sent to the Spam box because of the domain used ( In case you didn’t receive any response within 5 days after your last message, please look in your spam box or search in your in-box for the key words “Nihongo Center”. All of our topics always starts by these words.

Communication is necessary for us to provide an optimum service. If by any mean, you decide to cancel or to change the period you want to enroll, please let us know about it once you decide.