Spoken Languages: 英語
Interests: Reading historical fiction in the bath
About: I have completed eight marathons (Honolulu x 4, Osaka x 2, Kyoto x 2)
Message: Let’s study Japanese in the country’s most exciting city![/fourcol_one]




Spoken Languages: 英語
Interests: Tennis, Music (Rock, Jazz, Classical)
Personality: Stoic, with a burning curiosity.
Message: Through communicating in Japanese at Nihongo Center you will encounter a new self.[/fourcol_one]


上田 考二


Spoken Languages: 英語, インドネシア語, スウェーデン語(Basic), 中国語(Basic)
Interests: Travel, Restaurants, Tennis, Flute, Cello
Philosophy: I believe in the motto “No pain no gain” and want to lead fun, but occasionally strict classes.
Message: I look forward to meeting everyone.[/fourcol_one]


ギヨム シャルフ


Spoken Languages: フランス語, 英語, 日本語
Interests: Anime, Movies, Music, Sake, Reading, Tennis
Philosophy: Work hard to make your dreams a reality.
Message: Have a lot of fun in Kyoto![/fourcol_one_last]