New Program 2023: Course to get a job in Japan.

Nihongo Center is reopening its “Course to get a job in Japan” from October 2023. This program is designed to give everyone who wants to work in Japan, the proper language tools and useful information to find a job in Japan. With the Japanese population decreasing, Japanese companies are looking more and more for foreigners workers. At Nihongo Center, we will introduce you to Japanese idioms, manners, skills required when you are working in Japanese company.

1-Requirement to enter the program:

◉ The applicant must already have at least a bachelor’s degree before coming to Japan. (The bachelor’s degree is required by the immigration bureau of Japan when applying for a working visa)

◉ The applicant must have passed at least the N3 of the JLPT.

◉ The applicant must take an interview in Japanese

◉ The applicant must produce an essay in Japanese explaining his motivations to work in Japan.

NB : If you haven’t completed the N3 of the JLPT, we will check your capabilities in Japanese. Depending on your level, we will first guide you to our Intensive Japanese course which is accessible from complete beginners.

2-Studying Contents examples

◉ Comprehension of the Japanese Working Culture

◉ Business Manners

◉ Idiom and different levels of Language used in Business

◉ Presentation and Discussion Skills

◉ Business Situations Roleplay (Interview, First contact, Business card exchange, Phonecall, etc…)

◉ Self Analyse

◉ Writting Skills (CV, Self PR, Work experience, Business email, etc…)

◉ Reading Skills (Business Articles, News, Job information, etc…)

◉ BJT Preparation (Business Japanese Test)

▲ N2 preparation classes are also included

■ Example of week schedule

※ Before JLPT exam period

1st classComprehensive JapaneseN2 GrammarIdiom and “Keigo”Comprehensive JapaneseN2 Grammar
2nd classComprehension of
Japanese Working
Comprehensive JapaneseN2 readingN2 ReadingBusiness Situation
Example of schedule (Before JLPT)

※ After JLPT exam period

1st classBusiness MannerComprehensive JapanesePresentation
N2/N1 GrammarWritting
(related to Job hunting)
2nd classComprehensive JapaneseReading
(related to Job hunting)
N2/N1 GrammarBJT preparationComprehensive Japanese
Example of schedule (After JLPT)

3 – Application Process

To apply for this program, you will need to receive a Certificate of Eligibility from the immigration bureau of Japan just as a normal student. Nihongo Center will help you with that so feel free to contact us for the different requirements.

◉ Application Deadline:May 26th、2023

◉ Program Cost: ¥891,000 (screening fee + 1 year course fee)

4 – Internship Program

Getting a long term visa in Japan allows you to work during your free time. As a student visa holders, you can work to a maximum of 28 hours a week. Taking this into consideration and because of the high demand of human resources recently in different field of work, “Study Kyoto” has decided to organize an internship program starting in May 2023 until November 2023 with different stages in the process. This program will likely be conducted again next year on a bigger scale.

You can find the details of this program here.

 Also, you can find below some of the industries that are actively looking for foreigners human resources:

  • Restaurant
  • Hotel
  • Tourism Guide
  • Language Teacher
  • International Business
  • Real Estate Agencies
  • Translator
  • IT

You can find on the following page reviews of former students about how the found a job in Japan. be sure to take a look here.