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    Nihongo Center, the school Nihongo Center is a Japanese school located in the heart of Kyoto. We have 40 years of experience in teaching the Japanese language to foreign students from all over the world. We have established ourselves with our unique teaching methods as well as the talent and ability of our experienced instructors. The very diverse student population at our school is our identity, with a good majority of students from western countries. We are very proud to have more than 30 different nationalities in our school. Our JLPT-based curriculum helps ensure a high pass-rate for any level of the test every session. In addition, we help students […]

Application for Certificate of Eligibility April 2024: CLOSED

The application for the April 2024 intake is now closed.

We will start the application process for the October 2024 intake in January 2024.


News! EVENT July 29th: BBQ at Biwako

Already 4 years have past since we last went to the school annual BBQ at Biwako but we finally managed to return there. Click here for more screenshots !


News! EVENT August 1st to 3rd: Mount Fuji

Here are some photos from the Mount Fuji hiking held from August 1st to 3rd. That is a beautiful view.