My name is Anastasiia Pylykh. I am 23 years old (26.02.1999). My hometown is Khriviy Rig. I left Ukraine on the 6th of July and came to Japan on the 10th of July.

Everything was perfectly organized. I received a lot of help in Poland from Ayaka-san. She reserved accommodation, and a PCR test and gave a lot of info about Warszaw. So it was really easy. I think the first interview was about the 10th of June. So one month? I could go faster, but I didn’t want since I had some things to finish until I leave Ukraine.

Of course, my adaptation is still in process, but I feel no troubles in my daily life! I received the opportunity to study for free at Nihongo Center, I received an apartment for 6 months and now a municipal flat for one year. Also, 300k yen from Kyoto and help from Nippon Foundation. Also, sometimes we receive some food, snacks, and useful things for life! Every time, if I have a question, I ask my school sensei, and they always help me!

Im sure 100%, that I want to stay in Japan, so I am planning to continue studying. I want to get a job in game development. I enjoy and love my living in Japan. Of course, sometimes I feel bad and miss my family and friends, but I’m safe here, and they are happy for me!!!