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    Nihongo Center is a Japanese school located in the heart of Kyoto. With over 39 years of experience teaching the Japanese language, we have established ourselves with our unique teaching methods as well as the talent and ability of our experienced instructors. We have a very diverse student population at our school, with a good majority of students from western countries. Our JLPT-based curriculum helps ensure a high pass-rate for any level of the test. In addition, we help students grow and develop their self-expression and communication skills through project work, class discussions, etc. Because of our rich and varied curriculum, many of our Japanese language students have been able […]

  • Culture Experience

    “I want to do more than just study…” If you’re looking for something more than hitting the textbooks everyday, then Nihongo Center is for you. With our Discover Kyoto Program, you have the chance to explore the rich history and traditional culture still present in Kyoto today, as well as having the opportunity to interact with Japanese student volunteers. What’s the Discover Kyoto Program? The Discover Kyoto Program (DKP) is a “tour experience” program started at Nihongo Center in 2011. From visiting famous places to trying out different aspects of Japanese culture, the DKP gives you a unique opportunity to expand on your cultural experiences in Japan. There are eight […]

  • Practical Japanese

    Practical Japanese Our professional instructors use a uniquely developed teaching method to guide students through the learning process. Even complete beginners find they are able to start communicating from the very first week, and can become proficient in daily conversation after only 6 months of study. We are here to help you through the exciting experience of language acquisition. Project work, visitor sessions, and other opportunities to communicate with Japanese people will help fine-tune your languages skills for practical use.   Project Through project work students are given a chance to put their acquired knowledge to use, by using practical Japanese outside of the class to research, plan, and prepare […]

  • International School

    Our students at Nihongo Center come from all over the world, with about 50% from western countries, and 50% from Asian countries. With over 30 different countries represented at our international school, we are proud of our great cultural diversity. What nationality will your classmates be? Join us and find out! You can see below the data of the past 3 years. It details only the students who arrived during the different years and doesn’t include the one who extended their stay.

Testimonials / 學生的聲音

  • My name is Saijai Chaiyawoot, 31 years old, from Thailand. Now I’m studying at Nihongo Center. I really enjoy studying here because I got many international friends. The atmosphere of class so fun and teaching styles from institutors are so easy to understand. It has been three months so far I’m studying here, I really improved about reading, the writing and for sure conversation in daily life. Now I don’t need to be shy anymore to talk with store’ s clerks when I want to buy something from the convenient store.

    Saijai, Thai
  • Hello, my name is Muftazar and I am from Indonesia. I have been in Japan for about 8 months. I just passed the JLPT N3 and I felt I did well. I really feel I progressed since I started, especially on conversational skills. Teachers always prepare theme’s discussion, and they guide us while discussing. There are so many discussion, essay and “Kanji” test that make us progress.

    Muftazar, Indonesian

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Deadline / 期限

Deadline for October 2019 student visa application2019-06-01
168 days to go.

April 2019 application.

It is no longer possible to apply for a student visa for April 2019. However, you can still apply for 20 weeks or 1 year until February 22nd if you are holding any other visa which allows you to stay in Japan.

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