Hi everyone. My name is Diana Soltys and i am currently studying in japanese language school. I am originally from Lviv (western Ukraine) and I am student of Lviv national university.

Our teacher told us about the ability to study in Japan in March 2022.I searched for more data about programs,which may help me with that. I have found 2 of them : Pathways and JSUS (both of them had have similar conditions). I applied for both and I got reply from Nihongo Center(JSUS program) in 2 weeks. They informed me that I may be able to leave to Japan as soon as possible, so I decided to apply for the visa. In general, it took around week to confirm all the documents and get to Japan.

Speaking from personal experience I’d say that to get used to life in Japan it needed quite a long time. The difference in cultures, traditions, meals are quite noticable .However , everyone is trying to help you to adapt to new conditions. First of all, I had to deal with a lot of documents (change visa status,medical insurance,apartment contract etc.)

Actually, we get a lot of support from Kyoto city and JSUS program. For instance, city provide us with free municipal apartment. In addition, we get some parcels with food from Jsus program from time to time
I consider that my life is getting better here. I have part time job and a lot of friends. With regards to the future plans, I am still not sure, cause conditions may change. My plans for the nearest future is continuing studying at language school and get a job in Japan .